About Us

Citrine Au Pairs is a trusted Au Pair Agency, dedicated to providing an efficient yet personalized Au Pair Services for both families and candidates. We offer a genuinely tailored and caring service for all our clients and candidates.

Citrine Au Pairs was founded on the principle of integrity and trust, we understand the importance of finding an au pair who is the right fit for a family.


We serve to guide our practice on international business ethics and codes of conduct. We adopt a holistic approach on the specific needs and uniqueness of each family as a complete unit to ensure the perfect fit between family and au pair.



Academic Support

One of the main duties of an au pair is the academic support they provide your children by assisting with homework, assignments and studying techniques

Transport Assistance

Au pairs are able to assist with morning and afternoon transportation to and from school, as well as to any extra mural activities in a safe and reliable vehicle.

Child Development

Further to academic support provided by the au pair, the au pair plays an integral role in the development of your children by acting as a role model and working with the family to instill and develop social, interpersonal and relationship skills

Family Support

Au pairs are able to assist families in managing a busy household and are able to assist with adhoc babysitting (in the evenings & over weekends), unforeseen transportation needs that may arise, assisting with play dates etc.


The family has someone that they can completely depend on giving parents peace of mind that their children are completely taken care of in their absence.


Au pairs offer children a sense of stability and security knowing someone that truly loves and cares about them is there for theme when their parents can’t be with them.

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